[Desktop_printing] Usability: Printing roles, tasks and environments

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Wed Mar 8 17:30:16 PST 2006

Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
> On Wednesday 08 March 2006 14:42, Michael Sweet wrote:
>> Ellen Reitmayr wrote:
>>> Michael Sweet wrote:
>>>> CUPS 1.2's web interface is, IMHO, a step in the right direction
>>>> (but hey, I'm biased ;) in that administration and printer
>>>> installation/configuration happen in one place for the user.
>>> Does there happen to be a demo online? and if so: could you give us a
>>> demo account where we can play a bit? :)
>> I'll point you at the forthcoming CUPS 1.2 beta on cups.org for
>> now. 
> I'll try to compile and setup an working CUPS from current SVN on 
> an NX server for Ellen and the other OpenUsability.org who are 
> interested to work with it (and also keep it current on a daily
> basis from now on. (Man, Mike -- you must have been working like 
> mad in the last few weeks, guessing from the number of commits and 
> feature additions that can be seen in "svn log") :-)

Yeah, you're one to talk about working a lot, I don't know how *you*
do it...  :)

The last couple weeks have been all about cleanup and "polish"...

>> I'm also doing screenshots for the new CUPS book and will 
>> be including them with my presentation for the summit, so you'll
>> get a static view of the new interface in the near future as well.
> I'll try to bring a current Knoppix, remastered with a working 
> CUPS-1.2svn with me to the summit, so we can give out copies to
> people who do not easily compile stuff on their own. No sure 
> promise, though.

FWIW, I fully expect 1.2 to be stable by then, so if you do any
svn builds, they will be 1.3...

I've put up packages for RHEL4, FC4, and OSX on the CUPS site -
hopefully that will allow a lot of people to try 1.2 that wouldn't
otherwise try it...

> I'm also pondering to temporarily (and alternatively) create a 
> klik package for the current 1.2svn (that could run in user space
> without root privileges, by using a port like 10631 or something).

You can use the CUPS test script as a template - I run cupsd from
my main development directory all of the time for testing in user

> Also, right now I'm working on a little article that shows how to
> easily use and tweak your much underrated "make test" build target
> in CUPS' SVN sources. I think this nifty little option is hardly 
> known, even amongst Linux printing gurus. And now is the time to 
> make them jump into the 1.2 waters (with a lifebelt around their 
> bellies) so they can find the dangerous shoals and undercurrents 
> *before* you do the first official 1.2.0 release...  ;-)

Check out the new configuration management plan (which I might just
re-title to "CUPS Developers Guide") - it goes into more detail about
all of this... :)

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