[Desktop_printing] Usability: Printing roles, tasks and environments

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Wed Mar 8 06:00:06 PST 2006

Ellen Reitmayr wrote:
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> Michael Sweet wrote:
>>CUPS 1.2's web interface is, IMHO, a step in the right direction
>>(but hey, I'm biased ;) in that administration and printer
>>installation/configuration happen in one place for the user.
> Does there happen to be a demo online? and if so: could you give us a
> demo account where we can play a bit? :)

Download the current development state (not a weekly snapshot, the
current one is hopelessly obsolete) of CUPS 1.2 from the subversion
repository on www.cups.org and install it. Then go to
http://localhost:631/ and enjoy the new web interface (with
comprehensive help system). If you go to https://localhost:631/ you get
automatically an encrypted connection.

If you have set up an Epson inkjet with Gutenprint 5.0.x, you can even
trigger nozzle checking and nozzle cleaning with this interface.

>>All printers have some common configuration information:
>>    Name (queue name, sometimes human-readable, e.g. "LJ4000")
>>    Description (human-readable text, e.g. "HP LaserJet 4000")
>>    Location (human-readable text, e.g. "Building 4 Room 301")
>>    Device URI (geek-readable, e.g. "ipp://")
>>    Printer Driver (PPD filename, e.g. "hp4000_6.ppd")
>>    Page Size (e.g. "Letter", "A4", etc.)
>>Most of this can be auto-assigned via device discovery, and this is
>>how CUPS 1.2 does things...
> that means CUPS also knows about the proper ppd file when a printer is
> connected to a computer (plug-and-play)?

In the PPD files the entries "Manufacturer" and "Product" should
correspond to manufacturer ("MFG:") and model ("MDL:") in the IEEE-1284
device ID string. More items of the device ID string can be in the
"1284DeviceID" entry of the PPD file.

> is there a special reason why they have to be selected manually?
> and how many optional accessors may that be (max number in a high-end user)?

It seems that the accessories cannot be auto-detected by the computer
with some standard method. The available choices of these options are
selected by the printer manufacturer depending on which accessories are
really supported by the printer.


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