[Desktop_printing] Usability: Printing roles, tasks and environments

Ellen Reitmayr ellen.reitmayr at relevantive.de
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I've just gone through the printing roles as stated in RFC 3805. The
information in the beginning of the document was very useful to get an
idea of how printers work, and seeing the roles being split into single
units was also a valuable information. After all, a home user needs to
take these roles over by himself!

Trying to reduce the complexity of the roles, I formed these
(preliminary) task-related groups:

1. Installing
Printer identification and localisation, DTD selection, local system
configuaration, printer configuration

2. Configuring
Settings, Properties, Defaults - may be changed on demand.

3. Printing
Job submission and removal, job status, capabilities, current settings ...

4. Printer Feedback
Job status, event notivication, alerts, consumables, print job
identification, printer status, printer identification, ...

The complexity of each of these groups is highly dependent on the
printer model and its capabilites, but also of the tasks the user wants
to accomplish with the printer, and the environment (distributed roles
versus joined roles).

Questions that popped up so far:

- - What tasks do we want to address in the meeting? Is installation an
issue, or will that further on be handled by the distributions?

- - What is the scope of configuration options? Could you provide examples
of the configuration options for a very basic printer, two or three
intermediate ones, and one or two high-end machines?

- - Is there more information of possible alerts and event notifications?

- - Are alert codes standardised between manufacturers so the equal error
messages can be provided, or are there differences?

- - Are there more roles that need to be considered? For example, is
Raymond's Aunt Tillie a combination of some of the existing roles
(having less knowledge, though), or are there roles that haven't been
considered so far?


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