[Desktop_printing] I will not be able to attend the printing summit after all

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Mon Mar 6 12:32:45 PST 2006

I've just learned that I won't be able to attend the desktop printing
summit as I had originally planned.

I didn't see anywhere to retract registration on the web form, so if
the appropriate people could take whatever action is necessary, I
would appreciate it.

Of course, printing is still a particularly relevant aspect of the
work I am doing on the cairo graphics library, so I'll look forward to
some good results from the summit to see how they impact that work. I
may still be able to dial-in to some sessions so I'll do that if I

If anyone was hoping to meet me and discuss cairo-specific aspects of
printing at the summit, I apologize that I won't be there. But please
contact me individually and we'll work out whatever we need to.


cworth at redhat.com
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