[Desktop_printing] Hotel reservations - Printing Summit

John Cherry cherry at osdl.org
Wed Mar 1 13:30:19 PST 2006

We have some confirmation now on how to make reservations for hotel
accomodations in Atlanta for the Printing Summit.  An explanation and
hotel registration forms are on the Printing Summit page.


What needs to happen is that Teresa Shilling (tshillin at lanier.com) must
to be sent hotel registration form from everyone that needs
accomodations at the Atlanta Marriott Gwinnett Place.  The form asks for
your name, phone number, check in date, check out date and your room
preference (smoking/nonsmoking).  I realize this information is a little
redundant to the registration that you have done for the Printing Summit
event, but we will need these forms emailed or fax'ed to Teresa in order
for your reservation to be confirmed.

You do NOT need a credit card to hold the reservation.   Each person is
responsible for the payment of their own room, tax and meals upon

If you need to cancel the reservation for any reason, please contact
Teresa directly as she will be communicating with the hotel on a daily
basis prior and during the event. We are not charged for cancellations
or no-shows (part of the contract).

The room rate is $113/night plus tax = $125/night.  This rate includes
some meals (breakfast and dinner). This rate also includes
transportation from the Marriott to the LEC each day as long as class
begins at 8:00 AM (shuttle departs the Marriott at 7:30 AM each morning)
and adjourns at either 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM.   

The registration forms are on the site, but an OpenOffice version of the
form is also attached to this email.  If you are attending, please
complete this registration form and returned it to Teresa.  Teresa will
have all the information she needs to submit the rooming list to the
Marriott and to ensure each attendee receives the Lanier Training room

Let contact Teresa if you have any questions or need additional

John Cherry
Initiative Manager
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