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Ellen Reitmayr ellen.reitmayr at relevantive.de
Mon Feb 20 09:50:39 PST 2006

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Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Great concept, perhaps we should already start to collect some input
> here on the list, summarize that in your presentation and continues
> collecting in the session of your presentation (there also with some
> paper prototyping). 

Yes, our plan is to start asking questions on the mailing list by the
beginning of March - which will be used as input for the presentation.

> The participants should be informed in which room
> you will do your UI work, so that whenever someone has an additional
> idea, he can come to you and tell about this idea.


> I think, that I will also have sometimes a look into your room during
> the Summit if possible.


> Ellen Reitmayr wrote:
>> Creating a concept for usable and intuitive printing dialogs will not be
>> an easy task. At this time, our knowledge regarding available and future
>> features is still limited. For us, coming to Atlanta is an opportunity
>> to clarify the questions we have, to learn about priorities of the
>> features, and what features are used in which context (both environment
>> and task related). Only if we know about the different use scenarios, we
>> are able to design usable and expandable dialogs. In order to do so,
>> we'll need your input.
>> On Monday (3pm), we'll have an initial talk/presentation of what we are
>> going to do during the three days, the considerations we've made so far,
>> etc., and we will discuss this with all members of the meeting.
>> During the rest of the time, we'll work in a separate room. Based on the
>> input we get by you, we will create designs for printing dialogs in
>> different use scenarios. For example, an administrator in a large
>> company requires other possibilities than a home user.
>> We'll try to create a concept that considers different use scenarios,
>> but is still extensible. We'll need to bug you with questions and input
>> from time to time ;-) Perfect would be 1 or 2 people who work with us
>> permanently...
>> In the daily summary, we'll present our current design considerations,
>> and on day 3 hopefully a complete design (the quality of our work very
>> much depends on the information we collect during the meeting).

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