[Desktop_printing] Current registrations for the printing sum mit

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Please note that this limit of 50 is the capacity size of the main
room at the facility that Ricoh/Lanier has generously donated!

If this conference overflows that facility, it may have to move
to commercial conference rooms (which would be VERY expensive).

The IEEE-ISTO PWG could possibly help, by co-sponsoring, which
would allow the conference to take place at an IEEE facility
(free meeting rooms).  If organizers are interested in exploring
this option, PLEASE contact Harry Lewis (IBM, chair of PWG) very

- Ira

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> McDonald, Ira wrote:
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> > Converted to PDF for ease of reading by all.
> Thanks - did look rather odd to have an MS Excel spreadsheet
> (its being a proprietary format...) featured in such events...
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> >> See attached spreadsheet.  We have 24 registered for the Printing
> >> Summit.  There are MANY that have indicated they will 
> attend, but have
> >> NOT registered yet.  Please register, even if there may be 
> doubts that
> >> you will attend.  We have a chicken/egg problem where some 
> folks won't
> >> register until there is a critical mass, but we won't get 
> a critical
> >> mass until everyone registers.
> I am not sure it is a critical-mass/chicken-egg problem - having been
> to printing summit hosted in France twice, the first time there were
> about 20 people, and the 2nd time just over 10, I expect hosting
> in US would involve some gaining a few important US-based 
> individuals/parties
> (e.g. Mike Sweet of cups and Robert Krawitz of gimp-print) and losing
> some European based ones (e.g. the Suse folks, scribus and cine-paint,
> and I only discovered very recently that Tim Waugh of Redhat is
> based in Surrey[=London suburbia, which means he is probably 
> geographically
> closest to me among all the people having something to do 
> with printing]).
> The repeated emphasis on "selecting and limiting attendance to 50"
> was in fact making me slightly uncomfortable - a big apology 
> to everybody
> who isn't mentioned and included in the lists below - I can 
> count about
> 5 manufacturers (in no particular order: HP, Epson, canon, lexmark,
> brothers, etc), about 5 linux distributions (again, in no particular
> order, redhat, mandrake, suse, debian, ubuntu, gentoo, etc), about 5
> important desktop applications which have special printing
> requirements (openoffice, mozilla suite, gimp, inkscape, scribus,
> cine-paint etc), two desktop environments (gnome, kde), about 5
> low-level driver projects (ghostscript, gimp-print, hpijs,
> epson-epl, epson-avasys, foo2zjs), a few spoolers (cups, lprng), and a
> few interest parties (PWG, Beijing Software testing, Grant Taylor
> of Linuxprinting.org, OSDL, Sun, Intel, Apple, adobe) - 
> that's about 30 parties.
> Some will send more than one person, but some won't send any 
> one at all.
> I just looked at the subscriber list, which has 88 entries and most
> entries can be put into about 30 groups. It sounds rather 
> optimistic to
> have a policy about limiting attendance...
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