[Desktop_printing] Current registrations for the printing sum mit

Hin-Tak Leung hintak_leung at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 18 20:45:15 PST 2006

McDonald, Ira wrote:
> Hi,
> Converted to PDF for ease of reading by all.

Thanks - did look rather odd to have an MS Excel spreadsheet
(its being a proprietary format...) featured in such events...

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>> From: desktop_printing-bounces at lists.osdl.org
>> See attached spreadsheet.  We have 24 registered for the Printing
>> Summit.  There are MANY that have indicated they will attend, but have
>> NOT registered yet.  Please register, even if there may be doubts that
>> you will attend.  We have a chicken/egg problem where some folks won't
>> register until there is a critical mass, but we won't get a critical
>> mass until everyone registers.

I am not sure it is a critical-mass/chicken-egg problem - having been
to printing summit hosted in France twice, the first time there were
about 20 people, and the 2nd time just over 10, I expect hosting
in US would involve some gaining a few important US-based individuals/parties
(e.g. Mike Sweet of cups and Robert Krawitz of gimp-print) and losing
some European based ones (e.g. the Suse folks, scribus and cine-paint,
and I only discovered very recently that Tim Waugh of Redhat is
based in Surrey[=London suburbia, which means he is probably geographically
closest to me among all the people having something to do with printing]).

The repeated emphasis on "selecting and limiting attendance to 50"
was in fact making me slightly uncomfortable - a big apology to everybody
who isn't mentioned and included in the lists below - I can count about
5 manufacturers (in no particular order: HP, Epson, canon, lexmark,
brothers, etc), about 5 linux distributions (again, in no particular
order, redhat, mandrake, suse, debian, ubuntu, gentoo, etc), about 5
important desktop applications which have special printing
requirements (openoffice, mozilla suite, gimp, inkscape, scribus,
cine-paint etc), two desktop environments (gnome, kde), about 5
low-level driver projects (ghostscript, gimp-print, hpijs,
epson-epl, epson-avasys, foo2zjs), a few spoolers (cups, lprng), and a
few interest parties (PWG, Beijing Software testing, Grant Taylor
of Linuxprinting.org, OSDL, Sun, Intel, Apple, adobe) - that's about 30 parties.
Some will send more than one person, but some won't send any one at all.
I just looked at the subscriber list, which has 88 entries and most
entries can be put into about 30 groups. It sounds rather optimistic to
have a policy about limiting attendance...


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