[Desktop_printing] PPD settings vs IPP options

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Wed Feb 15 03:53:36 PST 2006


On Feb 14 12:59 Bastian, Waldo wrote (shortened):
> I would think that a model that should work fairly
> well is that the application makes some generic assumptions about the
> output device based on the user's paper selection in the application.
> Then when the user starts printing and has selected a printer, the
> application should be able to tell when the selected printer is not able
> to support the assumptions made. (E.g. selected margins not supported by
> the printer) The application can then point out the problem and suggest
> the user some corrective actions (e.g. scale to fit page/margins, let
> user select different paper/margins in application, print as-is anyway,
> ...)

I don't mind how exactly it is implemented.

All what matters is that there is a user dialog regarding whether
or not the document layout fits for the final output device.

My personal opinion regarding the above is:

Having the "layout fits or not" dialog right before printing
may lead to user annoyance because the user may have spent many
hours to design his document exactly for the given document layout
but at the end when he wants to put it onto the final output device
the application teaches him that what he made does not fit.

Therefore I think it is nice to have a "layout fits or not" dialog
at the beginning when the user creates the document layout.

Nevertheless a "layout fits or not" check and dialog before
actually printing it is needed in any case because the document
may have been sent to another user with a totally different printer.

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