[Desktop_printing] PPD settings vs IPP options

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Wed Feb 15 03:41:21 PST 2006


On Feb 14 19:46 Robert L Krawitz wrote (shortened):
> On further thought, I don't think Johannes Meixner's suggestion solves
> that problem either, because PPD-based interfaces can't selectively
> hide option values the way Gutenprint allows.
>      *PageSize Letter/US Letter: "<</PageSize [612 792] /ImagingBBox null
>      *PageSize LetterFB/US Letter (FullBleed): "<</PageSize [612 792] /ImagingBBox null
>      [....]
>      *ImageableArea Letter/US Letter: "7 7 605 785"
>      *ImageableArea LetterFB/US Letter (FullBleed): "0 0 612 792"

Gimp-Print/Gutenprint's tons of low-level options was the major
reason for the combined-options feature in Foomatic which results
the top-level "PrintoutMode" option.

To get tons of low-level options away from the top-level user dialog
use "Open[Sub]Group/Close[Sub]Group" in the PPD.

As far as I know CUPS may not support sub-groups but even only two
groups should help a lot to have all top-level options in one group
and all the low-level options in an "expert" group.

Why do you need a seperated full-bleed option at all in the PPD?
If a *.FullBleed media size was choosen, then the full-bleed
printing mode must be activated in any case - or what do I miss?

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