[Desktop_printing] How to make a good GUI for page overrides

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Tue Feb 14 08:10:43 PST 2006

Michael Sweet wrote:
> It is important to note that Till's Foomatic implementation does
> not use valid IPP attribute names, and the encoding of those
> options will likely break with some of the final CUPS 1.2 changes
> to support collection attribute values on the command-line.  Also,
> we already have some of the page override stuff in place in CUPS
> 1.2 (Apple's AP_FIRSTPAGE_foo options are already implemented
> along with %%IncludeFeature comments), so most of the Foomatic
> features are covered.  Finally, Foomatic does not play well with
> Windows and MacOS client printing...
> In short, please don't depend on Foomatic for this kind of
> functionality...

My intention was not to find a GUI for Foomatic, but a general GUI for
page overrides. I only mentioned Foomatic as an example for an
implementation. The problem which I was thinking about here, is finding
an easy-to-use way to express page overrides in GUI widgets, not about
what is happening on the wire whwn the user has chosen his settings.


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