[Desktop_printing] PPD settings vs IPP options

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Tue Feb 14 05:06:41 PST 2006


On Feb 14 07:40 Robert L Krawitz wrote (shortened):
> From: Johannes Meixner <jsmeix at suse.de>
>    On Feb 14 07:26 Robert L Krawitz wrote (shortened):
>    > A related problem is when the printer itself offers two (or more)
>    > choices of margins.  A lot of Epson printers, for example, offer two
>    > choices of margins, normal and expanded (i. e. full bleed), and
>    > representing this in a PPD file is problematic.
>    Could you give some background info why it is problematic?
> The PPD file only provides one imageable area per paper size.

Why can't you use qualifiers for the media size option keywords,
see the Adobe PPD spec. table B1 "Media Options".
There are media option keywords like A4Small and A4.Traverse
so it should be posible to use sometring like A4.FullBleed
for your GimpPrint/Gutenprint PPD files together with matching
constrainst in the PPD so that A4.FullBleed can only be selected
if and only if the full bleed option is also selected.

> Since everything is mediated through the PPD file (there's no
> interactive/programmatic response to the choice of options), the
> application doesn't know that the actual page size is different from
> what it expects from the PPD file.


This is the crucial point what the whole discussion is about.
The application which creates the document must do an interactive
choice of options for the final output device in a dialog.

At the latest in the printing dialog but much better
first of all when creating the layout of the document.

A business letter has a different layout than a presentation
or a collection of photos with one-line header or footer texts.

If the document layout should be bound to a particular printer,
the application must read the PPD for the particular printer
to know about which values for the document layout make sense
for the particular printer.
Otherwise the application should use fail-safe defaults
(e.g. a sufficiently small imageable area).

> I suppose that one way around this would be to duplicate each paper
> size in the PPD file (or more than duplicate if more than two margin
> sizes are available on the printer), but that would be unmanageable as
> the number of page sizes offered is already very large.

As the number of features for such printes is large, the number
of possible choices in the PPD must be large too.
But have in mind how Foomatic can help you via the "PrintoutMode"
feature (i.e. combine sets of several individual choices under
one single PrintoutMode choice).

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