[Desktop_printing] PPD settings vs IPP options

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Tue Feb 14 01:16:52 PST 2006


On Feb 13 20:31 Craig Bradney wrote (shortened):
> IMO, for my own docs, I don't want any printing system doing
> anything to them unless I specifically tell it to do so.

As soon as the print job is submitted, the printing system
and the printer do not work interactively.
Therefore they will do any unwanted automated nonsense,
if you didn't care in advance about printing.

The same applies when you create a document (e.g. a presentation)
which should be displayed on a beamer.
What looks nice on your personal 1280x1024 true-color screen
may look unexpected ugly on a 800x600 not-very-true-color beamer.

> I certainly don't want it guessing too much about what my
> document is.

I never suggested "guessing".
I am talking about how to help the user regarding the final
output device (e.g. printer or beamer).

Don't get confused by my proposal for a "fuzzy" document layout.
It is only meant as one possible way to produce a document which
fits automatically on similar paper sizes (like A4 and Letter).

Of course the user can decide what he wants and what not.
If the user wants it, he can of course create a document
which can be printed correctly only on one particular
printer model, but perhaps not all users always want this ;-)

Of course if the document contains maps/diagrams/whatever
which require exact measurements, at least those parts
must not be scaled automatically.

Again see my business letter example:
There is no need to scale the contents of the major parts
of the document, only the spaces between the major parts
would scale/stretch to print on A4 or Letter (in particular
there would be no reflowing text inside a paragraph).
I made it intentionally this way because a general scaling of
a whole page content to fit it into the actual imageable area
is very problematic because the overall size and the width
to height ratio would change (measurements become wrong
and circles become ellipses and so on).

I wonder why it isn't obvious what I am talking about:
See my initial mail regarding this issue:
The second problem in the applications is that they let the
user create whatever nice looking document but they don't
help the user to care about possible limitations when printing
If the applications would help the user to care about printing
(this is the opposite of "guessing"), no problem would exist.

Isn't it obvious:
If the user is guided to create a documet which fits for the
final output device, the final output would fit.
If the user is not guided to create a documet which fits for
the final output device, the final output fits only by fluke.

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