[Desktop_printing] Re: [Printing-architecture] Printing Summit memo (for tomorrow sc meeting)

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Wed Feb 8 13:47:48 PST 2006

Craig Bradney wrote:
> What about the ability to view PDFs in a browser, one page at a time. You dont 
> *necessarily* need to read the whole PDF.
> What you need is an "optimised" PDF. The problem with this is you will need to 
> receive the full PDF from all the apps that cant write an optimised PDF and 
> then process it into the optimised format. Other than that, a spec needs to 
> be given to the apps that can produce PDF / libs and get them to add 
> optimised PDF support.

Creating "optimized" (linearized is the spec term) PDF files is a
major pain because of how Adobe decided to implement it.

Even worse, the changes are not even required!  You can get the
size of a PDF file and then request the last 1k to get the offset
to the xref table, and then proceed from there.  No special encoding
is needed to do optimized reading of a PDF file over a HTTP
connection, but it *does* help to keep the different parts of a page
in the same area of a file to minimize the number of random accesses
over HTTP.

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