[Desktop_printing] FW: How to imbed Job Tickets in PDF

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the wheel has already been invented, i am just greasing it....

IPP is great for hosts that can actually send via IPP. Unfortunately, it 
is quite tricky to get your average AS/400 or mainframe to send via IPP...

That being the case we have to be sure that other connection methods like 
Socket, LPR\LPD can also be used.

I understand that Linux and CUPS do not have this problem....

We do expect most PDF and Tiff files to come from Host systems (legacy). 

Clearly not your problem, but it does matter to the printer manufacturers. 


Uli Wehner

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RE: [Desktop_printing] FW: How to imbed Job Tickets in PDF

Hi Uli,

There already _are_ open standard XML-based job tickets:

(a) CIP4 JDF - since 2000 - 
(b) PWG PrintJobTicket - since 2004

The FSG Open Printing Job Ticket API specifies a complete
C-language API (with the C headers and UML diagrams) for
accessing a superset of all the job processing attributes 
that can be submitted in an IPP/1.1 (RFC 2911) print job.
FSG/OP Job Ticket API v1.0 is in the directory:

                                               ^ underscore
in the file:

_please_ don't reinvent the wheel again.

- Ira

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> Ulrich Wehner wrote:
> > 
> > Ira,
> > 
> > we are currently adding native PDF printing to the entire 
> product fleet.
> > PDF direct printing as well as TIFF direct printing are a 
> huge requirement.
> > 
> > i have seen several different (proprietary) standards for 
> job tickets.
> > Taking 'legacy' job tickets and turning them into something 
> 'open' and
> > at the same time adding support for extensive finishing capabilites
> > would be  an interesting topic.
> > 
> Do these native PDF printers have a documented standard 
> protocol to pass
> the option settings into the printer or does every manufacturer go its
> own way to pass the settings? So that we have a known standard format
> for the job data itself but still need manufacturer-specific 
> drivers to
> add the job ticket to the job? What about PWG standards for 
> job tickets?
> Is there hardware which uses them?
> > Also, embedding meta data for 'printing' to archiving 
> solutions is an
> > interesting topic...
> > 
> What do you mean with "'printing' to archiving solutions"? 
> Job goes into
> a PDF file on an external archiving file server?
>    Till

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