[Desktop_printing] FW: PWG PortMon MIB prototype results

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i am clearly not disagreeing with you...

being able to dynamically configure the port is going to be valuable, 
static ini files are just not going to do the job.

bi-directional communication is another step towards properly configured 
devices. (thinking of accessories, paper sources, etc)

proprietary MIB locations or Enterprise MIB locations do not have to be in 
the way of that, once a device is correctly identified, querying the 
proper information should be easy enough.

Most useful functions of our MIBs (standard or enterprise) are well 
documented and quite public....

why should we not be able to dynamically build a fully functional printer 
UI with information provided via bidirectional information? 
Clearly the number of features available on a printer (even  a high-end 
printer) is not unlimited.

However, as long as Microsoft charges per printer model to have the driver 
"logo" certified it will be quite difficult to convince them that 1 (one) 
printdriver that dynamically supports all printers is an acceptable 

On Linux there might be a lot less pushback, do not know enough about the 
Apple guys.

Uli Wehner

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RE: [Desktop_printing] FW: PWG PortMon MIB prototype results


The method used in this script is proprietary - it does NOT represent
an open standard location for IEEE 1284 Device ID values - it is NOT
portable across vendors.

That's the reason for the PWG Printer Port Monitor MIB.

- Ira

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> On Sat, Jan 21, 2006 at 02:11:46AM +0100, Till Kamppeter wrote:
> > Unfortunately, I cannot say who gave this script to me.
> I think it was me.  That's certainly the method that Fedora Core uses
> for retrieving SNMP IEEE 1284 IDs.
> Tim.
> */
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