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Uli - there is no competing open standard MIB - I was suggesting that
vendors migrate rapidly away from trusting (often unreliable) vendor
private MIBs as a source for the IEEE1284 Device ID - read on...

See the URL below for the results of interoperability tests of PWG Printer
Port Monitor MIB prototypes in July 2005:

  ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/pmp/interop/PortMonMIB-Proto-Results.zip =

The ZIP file contains:
(a) An MS Word summary (converted to Acrobat PDF and attached to this note)
(b) An MS Excel spreadsheet with the four vendor MIB-walks (sorry, but I
    can't produce a good PDF of this from MS Excel Viewer)
(c) A screenshot of Apple's prototype printer browser tool

By the way, Apple hosted this interoperability test and Ricoh was one of
the four printer vendors who brought prototypes.

The prototypes were of the following MIB (some structural changes were
made in response to the prototype results and discussion), the IEEE/ISTO =

PWG Candidate Standard Printer Port Monitoring MIB (PWG 5107.1):


This MIB does NOT replace or conflict with the IETF Host Resources MIB v2
(RFC 2790) or the IETF Printer MIB v2 (RFC 3805).  It _complements_ them
for the narrow purposes of printer driver installation and monitoring
control (e.g., to suppress SNMP queries to a given printer on a multi-port
network adapter).

This MIB's main purpose is to define the first and only standard MIB object
to contain the IEEE 1284 Device ID for each network or locally-attached

I do not speak for Microsoft, but I'll observe that printers that want to
be MS Vista-certified should implement this industry standard MIB - the only
alternatives are continued support of vendor-private IEEE Device ID objects
(fragile) or static configuration in TCPmon.ini (usually out-of-date).

The really important advantage is that a new printer can ship AFTER a given
major release or service pack of MS Windows or Apple MacOS and still
install (for example) the existing driver for a closely related previous
printer.  The same applies to Linux/UNIX distributions.

- Ira

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
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Uli Wehner wrote:

Ira, =

we have found that printers and MFPs have about a 7 year shelf life.
"legacy" Mibs are going to be around! =

All network monitoring tools today are built around the current Mib
specification. I am quite sure that we (Ricoh) are not dropping it any time
soon. =

Are you aware of any printers manufactured today that support the proposed
mib specification? =

please advise =

Uli Wehner =

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Retry, placed the file at the following link on the PWG server.

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Please note the attached zip file with the results of our interoperability
testing last week.  The zip file contains a spreadsheet with the results of
the "MIB walks" conducted on prototypes provided by Kyocera, Konica-Minolta,
Lexmark, and Ricoh.   It also contains a MS Word document with our findings
which were reviewed Friday morning.  A screen snapshot showing Apple's
application of the MIB in their prototype UI is also included.  Both Apple
and Microsoft were able to exercise their test applications furthering their
development efforts.  Overall the interoperability tests were very
successful.  Thanks to all that participated.  A special note of
appreciation goes to Paul Danbold and Apple for hosting this event.

Best regards,


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