[Desktop_printing] Multi-Language PPD files and PPD file specs

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Wed Jan 18 13:04:59 PST 2006

Michael Sweet wrote:
> If you are asking "what do we do about printers that ship with
> different configurations depending on the region", I'd say you will
> either want to provide different PPD files for each region or list
> the different punch units as installable options which have
> UIConstraints for the incompatible settings.  The latter is a lot
> easier from the developer standpoint, but puts the burden on the
> user for figuring all of that out...

If printers of the same model are different depending of the region, are
their IEEE-1284 device ID strings different then? If so, one could have
different PPDs and assign the correct one automatically.


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