[Desktop_printing] Multi-Language PPD files and PPD file specs

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Wed Jan 18 12:47:45 PST 2006

George Liu wrote:
> Michael,
> I believe the current version of CUPS checks locale and automatically
> update Default Paper size to Letter/A4 depends on the region.

Only when the queue is first created, and only for PPD files copied
from the model directory (or more specifically when the PPD file is
specified using the ppd-name attribute instead of passing the whole
PPD file in the request), and only if the local system does not have
libpaper installed (which specifies the system-wide default), and
only if the printer supports Letter and/or A4 sizes.

> Will that be something visible in the new multi-language PPD files?

No, we saw no need to expose it since the current mechanisms seem
to work fine as long as the Linux distributors stick with the
standard PPD file mechanisms...

> After the printer queue has been created, how does the PPD files in
> /etc/cups/ppd look like? Will it just contain the correct language
> version? I think kprinter is using its own PPD parser.

If the original PPD file is gzip'd, CUPS decompresses it.  The line
endings are converted to LF only, and the default option values are
set as requested by the user.  The file is otherwise unchanged and
contains all of the attributes/localizations that are present in the

> For the punch unit, there's different punch hole settings like US2, US3,
> Japan2, Japan3, EU4, NorthEU4. 
> Do you have any thought on these?

With regards to what???

If you are asking "what do we do about printers that ship with
different configurations depending on the region", I'd say you will
either want to provide different PPD files for each region or list
the different punch units as installable options which have
UIConstraints for the incompatible settings.  The latter is a lot
easier from the developer standpoint, but puts the burden on the
user for figuring all of that out...

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