[Desktop_printing] Multi-Language PPD files and PPD file specs

George Liu george.liu at ussj.ricoh.com
Wed Jan 18 12:36:44 PST 2006


I believe the current version of CUPS checks locale and automatically
update Default Paper size to Letter/A4 depends on the region.

Will that be something visible in the new multi-language PPD files?

After the printer queue has been created, how does the PPD files in
/etc/cups/ppd look like? Will it just contain the correct language
version? I think kprinter is using its own PPD parser.

For the punch unit, there's different punch hole settings like US2, US3,
Japan2, Japan3, EU4, NorthEU4. 

Do you have any thought on these?


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George Liu wrote:
>> PPDs should be multi-language, so that every user sees the printer
> options in his desktop language. Best would be to not re-invent the
> wheel for it and use the implementation of CUPS 1.2:
> The multi-language PPD file is indeed a really good idea. I was
> about that too. Thanks Michael and Easysoft to make it a reality.
>> We also need to convert the sets of single-language manufacturer PPDs
> into multi-language ones, preferrably with the help of a script.
> For manufacture supplied PPD files, I prefer the change be made by the
> manufacture. We'll have a better tracking of the version and the
> translation will be consistent with Windows/Mac driver.

FWIW, in addition to an improved PPD importer, the next version of
the CUPS DDK will include tools for creating message catalog files
from existing PPD files so that vendors can more easily import and
convert their PPD files for use with CUPS.

The DDK tools can also be used to create PPD files for Windows as

I'll demo the new tools at the printing summit...

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