[Desktop_printing] BSTQC proposed to share our printercompatibility test result on this printer summit

Hin-Tak Leung hintak_leung at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 17 01:37:37 PST 2006

--- ÇØÛÆ <qinxie at bsw.net.cn> wrote:

> John,
> 	Thank you for your work. It is greatly appreciated.
> Hin-Tak, 
> 	1. In my opinion, GB18030 and unicode use different coding, eg: unicode
> coding for punctuation"}" is "007D", GB18030 coding is "0X7D"; unicoding for
> Chinese word "°¡" is "554A", GB18030 coding is "0xB0A1".

It isn't "in your opinion" :-). Officially, they are different encodings...

>     2. Chinese font supporting is required.

I am only aware of one font (microsoft's SimSun18030) supporting this, but
presumably there are more, and one needs more, for daily usage.

> 	If time given, we can discuss these in the summit, if not, I think we can
> discuss after it. 

That would be good...


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