[Desktop_printing] Omni driver framework

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at intel.com
Mon Jan 16 14:56:55 PST 2006

I notice that LinuxPrinting provides the note below wrt the Omni driver

Are their aspects of the Omni printer driver framework that are
perceived as valuable? In particular, does omni provide drivers for
printers that aren't available elsewhere and/or are their instances
where omni drivers offer better quality than drivers available

Are their aspects of the omni framework that would be worth making
available in e.g. foomatic or cups?


NOTE: It seems that IBM is not maintaining any more the Omni printer
driver framework, as the driver homepage at IBM and any mention of it on
IBM's web sites disappeared.
There is still a SourceForge project where version 0.9.2 was added as
the last release in September 2004. To keep this repository of
technology, especially its excellent XML-data-driven concept and also
the knowledge about the more than 450 printers Omni supported, in mind
of users and driver developers, we have added this entry now.

We do not recommend to use Omni in production environments and also do
not develop on or maintain the project. Volunteers for continuing this
development are welcome. And anyway, this code is free software and so
it can help you developing your own drivers.

Thanks to IBM and Mark Hamzy, Pete Zannucci, and Mark VanderWiele for
working out this great concept!

IBM's free GhostScript driver project to support arround 450 printers,
based on the knowledge about these printers of OS/2 times. The drivers
itself are in dynamic libraries and nearly all printer information they
work with is in an XML database, so that when the driver root is once
built into GhostScript, new drivers can be added without GhostScript
rebuild (the first plug-in approach for GhostScript drivers).

Omni provides a model for dynamically loading printer drivers, creating
new devices by editing XML device description files, and simplifies new
printer driver development by allowing for the subclassing of previous
device features.

It was also planned to add run-time integration of printers described by
UPDF files. Initial code for that is already in the package.

Foomatic data and CUPS PPD files are built by the driver package.

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