[Desktop_printing] What do we need for the summit at Lanier in Atlanta?

Ulrich Wehner uwehner at lanier.com
Fri Jan 13 15:15:48 PST 2006


> please let us know in as much detail as possible, what your expectations
> are for this event.
>     * if you already have a tentative list of attendees, please provide.

A list of names up to now was posted on the list.

>     * do you need PCs?

Perhaps some people have no laptop, we should find out how many.

>     * do you need Plasma Screens? (how many?)

Can be perhaps useful as projector replacement in a small breakout room.

>     * projectors?

Every conference/meeting room should have one.

>     * internet access?

Would be great: Read mail between sessions, show stuff on project pages,
linuxprinting.org, ...

>     * catering? food? drinks? (coffee, tea, sodas, water, are reasonable
>       easy) food would be difficult for 50 people.

What is the infrastructure in and around Lanier? Are there restaurants
for lunch?

>     * Will participants have rental cars? do they require limo service?

How far away from the city center (and from the airport) is Lanier? Is
there public transport? What infrastructure is available near Lanier.

> our conference room is capable of holding 50 people max. (chairs only,
> no tables) if there are less we can have tables also. (large projection
> screen installed).
> large conference room is reserved entire time.
> conference room and technology center are within 20yards of one another
> on the same floor.


> our Technology Center has a conference room with space for 12 people
> with tables (U-shaped) with projection screen and videoconferencing.
> there are 3 (open) breakout areas with room for 6-8 (one) and room for 4
> (2). Several stations with plasma screens and PCs  can be used for
> presentations.
> If need be we can also use one of our smaller conference rooms with
> space for 10-12 people.


> Printers (color and B/W) scanners, fax, etc are everywhere.

So one can try out stuff and also quickly print conference materials.

> Please let me know if this meets your requirements.

I think, this is perfect, one could even do two additional days of
hacking session after the event with this equipment. The exact
requirements we will find out by discussion on the list.

> If not we would have to either reserve another large conference room on
> another floor. Or move the event to a local area hotel (at cost to us).

Hotel would be only necessary if we are more than 50. Otherwise we would
have much better infrastructure at Lanier.

> Hotels are available, we get corporate rates at the Marriotts.

Great, as we cannot get a room block through OSDL in Atlanta.

> Restaurants are available in the area and, of course, in the hotels.

Will we have lunch in walking distance from Lanier then.


Uli Wehner

Lanier Worldwide, Inc

A Ricoh Company
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