[Desktop_printing] BSTQC proposed to share our printercompatibility test result on this printer summit

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at intel.com
Thu Jan 12 22:47:33 PST 2006

This sounds very interesting. I also heared that the Beijing Government Purchase Office has announced that all printer vendors must provide compatibility with Linux from this year. I hope you will be able to tell more about this policy at the summit.

Linux Client Architect - Channel Software Operation - Intel Corporation 

>Hi OL',
>	I am from BeiJing Software Testing & QA Center(BSTQC), China.
>	Now we have just done a compatibility test for the printer based on 4
>Linux Desktop OS (RedFlag4.1+, CoCreate2005, RayxLX and NeoShine2.0 ) and 5
>Office software ( RedOffice2.0, Co-CreateOffice2005, EvermoreOffice2004,
>NewShineOffice2.0 and OpenOffice 1.1.1.  According to the market occupier
>rank, we chose 90 styles of printer belonging to 9 brands - Epson, HP,
>Lenovo, Lexmark, Canon, Xerox, Samsung, Brother and OKI - as our test
>	This testing is focused on the compatibility on local printing,
>intranet printing, internet printing, printer setting, OS application(
>mozilla, edit, mail tool,  PDF reader, picture viewer) and office tools.
>	We'd like to share the test results on summit, also communicate the
>related problems we met during this printer compatibility testing.
>	Printer testing is one lasting project here. And after this printer
>compatibility testing, we will do compatibility testing on other hardwares,
>i.e. usb, scanner, digital camera...
>	---------------
>	Sincerely Yours,
>	Cynthia
>	BeiJing Software Testing & QA Center
>	TEL:086-010-82825511-722
>	2006-01-13

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