[Desktop_printing] BSTQC proposed to share our printer compatibility test result on this printer summit

秦燮 qinxie at bsw.net.cn
Thu Jan 12 18:44:00 PST 2006

Hi OL',
	I am from BeiJing Software Testing & QA Center(BSTQC), China.
	Now we have just done a compatibility test for the printer based on 4 Linux Desktop OS (RedFlag4.1+, CoCreate2005, RayxLX and NeoShine2.0 ) and 5 Office software ( RedOffice2.0, Co-CreateOffice2005, EvermoreOffice2004, NewShineOffice2.0 and OpenOffice 1.1.1.  According to the market occupier rank, we chose 90 styles of printer belonging to 9 brands - Epson, HP, Lenovo, Lexmark, Canon, Xerox, Samsung, Brother and OKI - as our test sampler. 
	This testing is focused on the compatibility on local printing, intranet printing, internet printing, printer setting, OS application( mozilla, edit, mail tool,  PDF reader, picture viewer) and office tools. 

	We'd like to share the test results on summit, also communicate the related problems we met during this printer compatibility testing. 

	Printer testing is one lasting project here. And after this printer compatibility testing, we will do compatibility testing on other hardwares, i.e. usb, scanner, digital camera...

	Sincerely Yours,

	BeiJing Software Testing & QA Center


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