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My apologies for spreading confusion about treatment of
embedded fonts in PDF/A and PDF/is.

Yes - PDF/A requires embedded fonts - my foolish mistake -
and PDF/A became ISO 19005-1 in September 2005.

The best source for info on PDF/A is this AIIM page:


The actual text of ISO DIS (Draft Int'l Std) 19005-1
is available in PDF at:


PDF/is _allows_ embedded fonts, but also requires that all
text be invisible (so that the text can be cut-and-pasted,
but the embedded fonts are _not_ necessary to render the
PDF document).

The PWG Candidate Standard PDF/is is this directory:


in the file:


- Ira

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> > (It would be nice if PDF/A *does* require embedded fonts - in that
> > case, we should use that variant as the standard format...)
> I've not read the spec, but considering the "A" stands for archive,
> requiring embedded fonts (does this include the standard postscript 
> 14?) seems more likely. It also makes it a subset of full PDF instead 
> of a variant.
>  -r

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