[Desktop_printing] Question for PDFA

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Wed Jan 11 13:17:19 PST 2006

Michael Sweet wrote:
> George Liu wrote:
>> Is the document format Mac OS X uses complaints to PDFA?
> The best place to ask this is the Apple "printing" list (see
> lists.apple.com), but as far as I know the PDF output on MacOS X
> contains embedded fonts and thus does not conform to PDF/A.
> (The PDF output *might* conform to PDF/is, but again it is best
> to ask Apple directly...)

And as the intention of the print command of a desktop application is to
reproduce the document exactly as visible on the screen on a printer
which is not necessarily connected to the same computer, we should NOT
use PDF/A as print job transfer format but a PDF with embedded fonts.
PDF/is is useful though.


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