[Desktop_printing] Update of the Printing Summit Agenda

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Wed Jan 11 09:46:25 PST 2006

Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Here is the originally suggested agenda with some points mentioned on
> the mailing list added:
> John Cherry wrote:
>> The starting point for the Open Printing Summit agenda is:
>> 1. Making printing user friendly - it should just work
>>       * Usability
>>       * Consistent methods for printing, job handling, and printer
>>         administration
>         * "Printing as a desktop service" - non-native apps and apps
>           from ISV should use standard printing dialog from KDE/GNOME
>           (Kurt Pfeifle)
>> 2. Hardware support
>>       * Drivers and PPDs, preferably from printer manufacturers and free
>>         software
>>       * Plug and Print (not plug and play; plug the printer and play for
>>         hours with different drivers)
>>       * Auto-download and auto-install of drivers
>         * Certification of printers working with distros (Waldo Bastian)

Also reference previous quicky form I posted...

>> 3. OpenPrinting.org implementation
>> 4. CUPS 1.2 integration with desktops, apps, drivers, distros, etc.
>   5. Transition of job transfer format from PS to PDF (Till Kamppeter,
>      Mike Sweet)
>       + More portable
>       + High color depth, color management

PostScript also supports high color depth and color management,
just not as easy...

>       + Easy post-processing (N-up, booklet, scaling, page reordering,
>         ...)
>       + Transparency support

PostScript also supports transparency, it just isn't as easy...

>       + Smaller files
>       + Better interoperability with Mac OS X
>       ? Free software support: GhostScript vs. XPDF (how well
>         maintained? Is newest software version free?)
>       - Free software has to implement all new features which Adobe is
>         adding to PDF, PostScript is "finished".

PDF is also used for international standards and printing/prepress;
we could just standardize on a particular version of PDF (e.g. PDF/is)
rather than chasing the latest version of PDF.

Other points:

     - PDF is already supported by CUPS
     - Current path for PS printers is: pdftops -> pstops -> printer
     - Future path for PDF-capable printers is: pdftopdf -> printer
     - Current path for raster printers is: pdftops -> pstops -> 
pstoraster -> printerdriver -> printer
     - Future path for raster printers is: pdftoraster -> printerdriver 
-> printer
     - Add discussion of job ticket stuff, and embedding them in PDF.

I can do a presentation on this...

>   6. Modularizing built-in drivers of GhostScript (Till Kamppeter)
>       + Easy change of printing workflow without loosing hardware
>         support (exchange renderer version, transfer format, simplified
>         workflow for embedded ...)

It is worth noting that this can be done over time - the existing
driver will still work in the short term without changes...

>   7. Did I forget anything important which we discussed on the list?
>       - Please post ASAP
>       - Please mention on phone meeting


     - Writing printer drivers - CUPS DDK, IJS, etc?

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