[Desktop_printing] Agenda proposal: Replace PostScript by PDF as job transfer format

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmx.net
Mon Jan 9 13:54:29 PST 2006

Robert L Krawitz wrote:
> Till, do you have a list of what devices are supported in legacy
> Ghostscript drivers that aren't supported in some other driver (HPLIP,
> Gutenprint, and Omni between them support a lot of printers)?  I
> suspect that Epson impact printers are a significant fraction of the
> list, and I suspect that it wouldn't be too hard to support them in
> Gutenprint if someone wants to volunteer to do that.

There are currently 92 drivers to be compiled into GhostScript with at
least one "recommended" printer:

ap3250 appledmp bj10e bj10vh bj200 bjc250gs bjc600 bjc800 bjc800j
bjc880j cdj500 cdj550 chp2200 cp50 declj250 dj505j djet500 dnj650c
eplaser* eplaser-jp* eps9high eps9mid epson epsonc escpage* fmlbp fmpr
gdi hl1250 hl7x0 ibmpro imagen iwhi jetp3852 jj100 la50 la70 la75
la75plus laserjet lbp310 lbp320 lbp8 lex5700 lex7000 lips2p lips3 lips4
lips4v lj4dithp ljet2p ljet3 ljet3d ljet4 ljet4d ljetplus ln03 lp2000
lp2563 lp8000 lq850 lx5000 lxm3200-tweaked lxm5700m lxx74 m8510 mj500c
mj700v2c ml600 necp6 npdl* oce9050 oki182 oki4w okiibm pcl3 picty180 pj
pjxl pjxl300 pr150 pr201 pxlmono* r4081 rpdl sj48 stcolor t4693d2
t4693d4 t4693d8 tek4696 xes

The drivers with * are vector drivers, there can be more vector drivers,
especially under the japanese ones.

Most of the printers for which one of these drivers is recommended are
old, but we should not drop the support for them.

In addition to conserving these drivers by modularizing them, the bitmap
file output devices of GhostScript need to be modularized or remade as
separate output drivers, so that filter-style drivers, which use these
bitmap formats as input, can be used (like "pnm2ppa" for example).


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