[Desktop_printing] Agenda proposal: Replace PostScript by PDF as job transfer format

Ralph Giles giles at ghostscript.com
Sat Jan 7 18:24:15 PST 2006

On Sat, Jan 07, 2006 at 08:37:05PM -0500, Michael Sweet wrote:

> Do you have a link to a page with some info?  I can't find much on
> either except for a package page on debian.org...

Inquiring on IRC produced the following list of primary developers:

  Albert Astals Cid  <aacid at kde.org>
  Kristian Høgsberg  <krh at redhat.com>
  Brad Hards  <bradh at frogmouth.net>
  Jonathan Blandford  <jrb at redhat.com>
  Martin Kretzschmar  <martink at gnome.org>
  Jeff Muizelaar <jeff at infidigm.net>

AUTHORS cjust redits Kristian Høgsberg and of course Derek.

I believe the two redhat people live on the US east coast,
so hopefully one of them would be able to attend.


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