[Desktop_printing] Agenda proposal: Replace PostScript by PDF as job transfer format

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Sat Jan 7 16:04:05 PST 2006

Am 07.01.06, 23:14 +0100 schrieb Till Kamppeter:

> And Mike and me have aggreed on one proposal for changing the printing
> architecture under Linux and Unix:
> The standard format for print job transfer should be moved from
> PostScript to PDF, to have a more powerful and reliable format and a
> format which is better supported by free software, as the free
> GhostScript versions (GNU/GPL/ESP) are already old (one year older than
> AFPL) and not maintained as well as AFPL, but XPDF is well-maintained
> and XPDF people are more cooperative with the CUPS developers. One

PDF as a recommendation is a good signal.

>From an outside point of view, I like to point out a few things.
GPL-GS8.50 shows better results than Xpdf3.01 for colour images.
As well Xpdf dont provides an API, which is the reason to split it, with 
the poppler.freedesktop.org project as the result. As Till suggests heavy 
changes to apply the Xpdf code, it could become much work to reintroduce 
if the Xpdf developer resist to include third party work.
Some Xpdf cons:
- missing API/library
- no ICC colourmanagement / it is far away from Acroread
- missing 16-bit

For me the later two, are the ones, which currently outrules Xpdf as a 
serious engine in colourcritical work. Well, thats a specialised view.

Just guessing:
Could it be, that the Xpdf project has trouble to provide open source code 
and remain souvereignity with licensing at the same time?

> should add IJS, CUPS,and OpenPrinting vector interfaces to XPDF to talk
> with drivers and modularize the remaining GhostScript compile-in drivers
> into one legacy-driver IJS plug-in (GhostScript-aware developers needed
> for that). A side effect of separating all drivers from GhostScript is
> also that by adding IJS, CUPS, and OpenPrinting vector interfaces to
> Cairo one could print on embedded systems without memory-consuming
> high-level transfer formats (PDF, PostScript).
> What do you think about this step?
>    Till

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