[Printing-architecture] ijs_invoke_server with hpijs

Tobias Hoffmann lprint-list at the-axe-effect.de
Tue Oct 21 04:11:43 PDT 2008

Matt Gessner wrote:
> I need to know how to set the OutputFD parameter given to hpijs.
> I've tried opening several different files, and I always end up with 
> "unable to read client data" coming from hpijs.
- does it work with OutputFile instead?
- does it work with the ijs_server_example from the ijs package instead
of hpijs?

The ijs_client_example source code does help to clarify the API, when in
You can also look at the pdftoijs print filter:

Two other thoughts, though:
- the error "unable to read client data" suggests to me, that the
problem occurs way before anything related to the OutputFD happens, but
you probably have looked deeper
- the dup()/pipe()/open() or whatever you use to create the file
descriptor has to happen before the ijs_invoke_server, so that the
descriptor is  available to the forked process.


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