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Sorry for the late reply.  I have been looking into opinion for this year's
GSoc projects.  I am trying to extend the current JTAPI project to allow a
second student.   We have a strong candidate for the existing JTAPI project.
So what I going to try and propose to have a second JTAPI activity that
begins the development of JDF job-ticket JTAPI input module.  This means, a
module that can read JDF job-ticket, translate it JTAPI object/attributes,
and then calls the JTAPI.  If time permits it would nice to create the
output module which does the opposite.   


I don't believe this will require any unique domain (printing) knowledge.
The project is basically a parser, hash (translation) functions and API


If this project interest you, please let me know?


Also note, that in the end Google decides how many student slots each
organization gets; so we are not sure if we will get a slot for the original
JTAPI and/or this additional JTAPI project.





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I am a final year Computer Science and Engineering student from National
Institute of Technology, Trichy, India (www.nitt.edu <http://www.nitt.edu>
). My resume at [0]. I am interested in writing an implementation of the
JTAPI as a Google Summer of Code project. I am proficient in C programming
and familiar with how libraries are linked, etc. Are there any other
pre-requisites for taking up this work?

I have a few questions about the expected scope for this project. The
project description says that once the library itself is implemented, it
will have to be integrated with applications, the CUPS printing system, etc.
I am not currently aware of the internals of these systems. Will this be a
significant set back? I would in fact like to know more about what kind of
integration into other systems is expected, especially with other drivers
and filters.

Thanks and regards,
Aditya Manthramurthy

[0]: http://aditya87.googlepages.com/AdityaResume.pdf

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