[Printing-architecture] Google Summer of Code 2008 - Mentors urgently needed

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 17:40:32 PDT 2008

Thank you for the insight on this. I will talk with Lars about 
alternative possibilities to contribute to OpenPrinting by means of the 
Google Summer of Code. libjtapi is also not really needed to get the PDF 
workflow working. I think I will make him somehow wrap up on the PDF 
workflow so that we get this one out for sure and on the OpenPrinting 
Summit this year we can tell that we have completed this project 
initiated in Atlanta.

If we also find a student for the Common Printing Dialog we get two of 
the projects opened in Atlanta concluded.

One other thing: Is someone here who would volunteer on mentoring the 
PAPI integration in CUPS? Are there any suggestions who would be most 
suitable for this task?


Ira McDonald wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry, I am NOT able to mentor a JTAPI GSoC project, due to my
> lworkload at Samsung plus my PWG and DMTF public standards
> work (five very active working groups).
> I suggest that a complete JTAPI implementation (C interfaces,
> abstract memory-based object manager, and encode/decode
> routines for at least one industry standard job ticket format)
> would be 8 man-months for an experienced developer with
> a strong printing background - i.e., too large for a summer
> intern project.
> I also would like to complete the standardization of my proposed
> PWG Micro Job Ticket (a very compact encoding), because an
> XML encoded job ticket will remain unacceptably large for use
> in mobile devices (a major target for Open Printing APIs).
> Cheers,
> - Ira
> On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 3:04 PM, Till Kamppeter
> <till.kamppeter at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Glen, Ira, one of you would like to mentor a student to implement JTAPI?
>>  The student who will do this project I know already and he does very
>>  good work and also does not take too much time of the mentor.
>>  After designing JTAPI, please help also on its implementation.
>>  I appreciate very much if one of you could do the mentorship.
>>     Till
>>  Claudia Alimpich wrote:
>>  >
>>  > Thank you for asking, but I will not be able to mentor the JTAPI
>>  > implementation.
>>  > Sorry,
>>  > Claudia Alimpich
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