[packaging] Comment #18: re LSB 4.0 Core beta specification

Jeff Johnson n3npq at mac.com
Sun Dec 28 15:27:23 PST 2008

A new section "Package Versions" is needed after "22.5. Package  
Naming" at


Package versioning is nearly as important as "Package Naming" and  
cannot be left
to packagers/implementations to discover for themselves. All  
installers need "upgrade" specified,
a package standard that chooses not to specify what an "upgrade" means  
is DOA.

There are several approaches (see packaging-list archives) and I believe
that establishing a "standard" for package versions, with the necessary
comparison (even strcmp(3) is better than UNSPECIFIED) is perhaps
the single most important success that LSB packaging might achieve.


73 de Jeff
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