[Openais] need help for stonith configuration on RHEL6

Amit Jathar amit.jathar at alepo.com
Fri Mar 11 03:01:30 PST 2011


I am working on RHEL6.
I am using two-node corosync cluster. I have configured it for Apache, tomcat & Mysql. It is running fine & doing good job in the failover scenarios.
I want to add the stonith configuration for the split-brain scenario, but I could see only stonith_admin on the prompt.

If I put command :-
[root at OEL6_VIP_1 /]# stonith -L
-bash: stonith: command not found

[root at OEL6_VIP_1 /]# stonith_admin -L
stonith_admin[11801]: 2011/03/11_01:58:57 info: crm_log_init_worker: Changed active directory to /var/lib/heartbeat/cores/root
stonith_admin[11801]: 2011/03/11_01:58:57 notice: log_data_element: st_callback: st_notify_disconnect <notify t="st_notify" subt="st_notify_disconnect" />
[root at OEL6_VIP_1 /]#

Also, I can see the following output :-
[root at OEL6_VIP_1 /]# ls /usr/sbin/fence_*
/usr/sbin/fence_ack_manual   /usr/sbin/fence_bladecenter_snmp  /usr/sbin/fence_egenera   /usr/sbin/fence_ilo           /usr/sbin/fence_node         /usr/sbin/fence_sanbox2  /usr/sbin/fence_virt           /usr/sbin/fence_xvm
/usr/sbin/fence_apc          /usr/sbin/fence_cisco_mds         /usr/sbin/fence_eps       /usr/sbin/fence_ilo_mp        /usr/sbin/fence_nss_wrapper  /usr/sbin/fence_scsi     /usr/sbin/fence_vmware
/usr/sbin/fence_apc_snmp     /usr/sbin/fence_drac              /usr/sbin/fence_ibmblade  /usr/sbin/fence_intelmodular  /usr/sbin/fence_rsa          /usr/sbin/fence_tool     /usr/sbin/fence_vmware_helper
/usr/sbin/fence_bladecenter  /usr/sbin/fence_drac5             /usr/sbin/fence_ifmib     /usr/sbin/fence_ipmilan       /usr/sbin/fence_rsb          /usr/sbin/fence_virsh    /usr/sbin/fence_wti
[root at OEL6_VIP_1 /]#

I am not sure how to move forward with the stonith configuration.

Can you guide me, if is it possible to configure stonith using my current setup & how to configure it from now ?


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