[Openais] openais: ckpt_dump_fn prints section info at DEBUG level

Ryan O'Hara rohara at redhat.com
Mon Apr 26 07:43:47 PDT 2010

This is a proposed patch for the ckpt_dump_fn routine such that
information about sections will be printed at DEBUG level. Information
aabout checkpoints will still be printed at NOTICE level.

The reason for this proposed patch is that dumping information for all
sections in a checkpoint can be overwhelming. Note that information
about sections can still be dumped, but it would require that DEBUG be
turned on for the CKPT service.


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Index: services/ckpt.c
--- services/ckpt.c	(revision 2124)
+++ services/ckpt.c	(working copy)
@@ -4081,14 +4081,14 @@
 			section = list_entry (checkpoint_section_list,
 				struct checkpoint_section, list);
-			log_printf (LOGSYS_LEVEL_NOTICE, "   Section %s (%d)",
+			log_printf (LOGSYS_LEVEL_DEBUG, "   Section %s (%d)",
-			log_printf (LOGSYS_LEVEL_NOTICE, "      size:     %"PRIu64,
+			log_printf (LOGSYS_LEVEL_DEBUG, "      size:     %"PRIu64,
-			log_printf (LOGSYS_LEVEL_NOTICE, "      state:    %u",
+			log_printf (LOGSYS_LEVEL_DEBUG, "      state:    %u",
-			log_printf (LOGSYS_LEVEL_NOTICE, "      exp time: %"PRIu64,
+			log_printf (LOGSYS_LEVEL_DEBUG, "      exp time: %"PRIu64,

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