[Openais] corosync - handle some problems with valgrind

Jan Friesse jfriesse at redhat.com
Thu Apr 22 09:14:06 PDT 2010

Attached patch handles some (mostly minor) problems shown by valgrind.

- First is memset in res_setup (coroipcs). This is done only once per
connection, so slowdown is minimal
- Two memset in logsys. This is done only once per corosync run
- Problem in corosync_totem_stats_updater where avg_token_holdtime has
sizeof avg_backlog_calc (sizes are same so it really doesn't matter)
- corosync_totem_stats_init - avg_backlog_calc is 32 bits
- objdb problem if new_valie_len != object->value_len. In such case
newly allocated memory is not initialized and in some situations,
value_len is not updated.

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