[Openais] short term release plans for Corosync (through 2009) - please send a message if you have an outstanding patch that is unaddressed

Fabio M. Di Nitto fdinitto at redhat.com
Sun Nov 22 21:51:39 PST 2009

Steven Dake wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-11-22 at 19:16 +0100, Fabio M. Di Nitto wrote:
>> Steven Dake wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Our short term release plans for Corosync (flatiron).
>>> Nov 25 - 1.1.3 - current bug fixes (including Angus's Coverity scan
>>> results)
>>> after 1.1.3 - stats patch stream merged into flatiron
>>> Dec 15 - 1.2.0 - statistics patch stream, SAM service, totemsrp scaling
>>> tested to atleast 48 physical nodes, stretch goal of resolving Dave's
>>> issues with cpg config change information
>>> after 1.2.0 (flatiron) is released our datasheet will be updated to
>>> reflect new features.
>>> If you have pending patches for the 1.1.3 release that have not been
>>> reviewed or merged, please resubmit them.
>>> If you have pending patches for 1.2.0 please work to get them finalized
>>> and merged by December 11th.
>> The only 3 things I have "pending" for 1.2.0 is distro-agnostic init
>> script, improvements to logsys and switching to libtool for linking.
>> The init script is pretty straight forward as it´s no more no less a
>> copy of what we have for cman, stripped down to a bare minimum.
>> The logsys changes is something we started spec´ing a while ago, but I
>> don´t think a month work can achieve that (mostly I don´t have enough
>> resources to dedicate to that kind of improvements). Maybe it´s 2.0
>> material.
> Lets push this to 1.3

Ok, sounds reasonable to me.

>> The libtool stuff is "straight forward" changes, but they will require
>> testing across all supported platforms (that I don´t have).
> We could introduce this in 1.2, but without a patch to work with, its
> pretty difficult to commit to atm.  I don't have expertise to do the
> work.  If you take it on, I can test on all the arches.

I can take this one. It´s relatively simple and I believe I have enough
knowledge. Worst case scenario, I can ssh to your boxes to test. I just
like to avoid spending time doing too many sysadmin tasks to setup them up.

>> Steven, if you can please tell me what´s your opinion on logsys and
>> libtool changes, then we can prioritize them differently if strictly
>> required. At least corosync-fplay needs a little fix to handle files in
>> different locations.
> ya we can make this change for 1.2 if you have time to address it.  I'm
> pretty much consumed with current commitments.

Ok, it should be pretty easy.

>> For the init script, I´ll try to send you a new one soon.
> Do you mean replace generic, or redhat init script in distribution?
> Send me new one and we can replace "generic".  I am really loathe to
> replace "redhat" with a complete rewrite.  The model we have is distros
> take "generic" hack it for their distro specific needs, and hopefully
> submit it back upstream for inclusion in the init directory for their
> distro.

We can theoretically replace both. A distro-agnostic init script, like
we did for cman, can run without changes on redhat, fedora, debian and
ubuntu (those I have tested successfully). I am pretty sure given the
generic rpm/deb bits also other distros can use it without modifications.


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