[Openais] [PATCH] Don't sync on 'fake' quorum events.

Fabio M. Di Nitto fabbione at fabbione.net
Sun Feb 22 23:17:00 PST 2009

ACK. good for commit.

I tested and it does indeed fix the problem.


On Fri, 2009-02-20 at 12:44 +0000, Chrissie Caulfield wrote:
> When a quorum device registers it tells the corosync quorum engine of
> the new quorum which then tries to do a new sync(). But that's no use
> because the nodelist and ring_id is identical to before. Also it can try
> and register while a sync is already in operation ... which gets it
> awfully stuck!
> So this patch makes the sync conditional on there being a new ring ID to
> do a sync on.
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