[Openais] packet dissectors for totempg, cman, clvmd, rgmanager, cpg, groupd, flowcontrol and sync

Masatake YAMATO yamato at redhat.com
Wed Feb 11 21:38:15 PST 2009

I've written wireshark packet dissectors for higher level protocols of rhel5 cluster.

    dlm3 <100%>
    corosync_totemnet <100%>
      corosync_totemsrp <100%>
	corosync_totempg <100%>
	  openais_cman <100%>
	    clvmd <100%>
	    rgmanager <10%>
	  openais_a <100%>
	    openais_cpg <100%>
	      groupd <100%>
	    openais_evt <5%>
	    openais_clm <5%>
	  flowcontrol <100%>
	  sync <100%>

See clvmd.png, the attached file. 
(I have not submitted dissectors for the higher level protocols yet.
 I'll do it after completing rgmanager.)

Binary RPMs are now available.

Visit http://www.srpmix.org/queue/wireshark/

For i386 I used F9 to build the binary RPMs.
For x86_64 I used F10 to build the binary RPMs.

Example capture data is available from

corosync-totemsrp--noencypted--2nodes.pcap: The packets in this file are not
encrypted. So you can dissect the packets in this file with no special

corosync-totemsrp--key:example.com--3nodes.pcap: The packets in this file are
encrypted. So a key is needed to decrypt them. Open the Preferences dialog and
choose COROSYNC/TOTEMNET in Protocols branch. You will see "Totemnet Layer of
Corosync Cluster Engine" dialog. Give a key, "example.com" to "Private Key"
text field. Then push Apply or OK button. (See corosync_totemnet__pref.png, the attached file)

Masatake YAMATO
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