[Openais] [Announce] Release of openais 0.80.5

Chrissie Caulfield ccaulfie at redhat.com
Wed Feb 11 00:49:44 PST 2009

Steven Dake wrote:
> I am pleased to announce the release of openais 0.80.5 available for
> download from our website at:
> http://www.openais.org
> This version fixes three bugs:
> * expiry list entry is not list_init at creation time
> * expiry list entry not list_del'ed at checkpoint unlink
> * overflow of totem buffer in certain situations when using CPG service.
> This will be the last bug fix version before the rework of the IPC
> system, diagnostics, and a few upstream patches needed by Andrew for
> Pacemaker are merged into the tree.  That software collection will be
> released as version 0.80.6.

What happened to my confdb half-backport? will that be in 0.80.6 ?



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