[Openais] Please help me (stonith is not resetting the node)

Priyanka Ranjan priyanka3rdfeb at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 23:26:31 PST 2009

Hi All,
i am using external/riloe stonith in two nodes openais(Suse11) cluster. i
have configured two primitive external/riloe stonith resouce through GUI and
added all required parameters(ilo_hostname, ilo_user etc) as instance
variables. stonith_node2 is running on node1 and stonith_node1 is running on
node2. stonith_node2 has all information about node2 like ilo_hostname,
ilo_user , ilo_password etc . same like this stonith_node1 has all
information about node1 .

After removing the ethernet cable got spilit brain situation. each node was
thinking another is down . i expected stonith to run here on each node and
reset another node but stonith didn't executed at all.

i tried to execute stonith manually through following command on node2

stonith -t external/riloe hostlist=node1 ilo_hostname=<node1's ilo ip add>
ilo_user=root ilo_password=<*****> ilo_can_reset=1 ilo_protocol=2.0
ilo_powerdown_method=button -S -T reset node1

it returned

stonith: external/riloe device OK

and it powered off node1 also

so it seems ilo is properly configured. i think there is some problem in
stonith configuration and i have not configured it properly. can any one
help in this. one thing i would like to say is while configuring this
stonith through GUI i did not get instance variable name list. i added the
intance variable name and value myself ( like name =ilo_user , value =root).

Thanks a lot for your help in advance,
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