[Openais] [PATCH] RFC: quorum subsystem

Steven Dake sdake at redhat.com
Tue Oct 7 08:54:58 PDT 2008

Patch looks great with a few minor architecture issues.

I suggest merging the patch now, and we can address the arch issues in a
further patch.

Essentially how I would like to see this change is that the service
engine uses a quorum layer which is responsible for loading the
configured plugin/plugins, allowing the plugins to interoperate (such as
qdisk + cman's quorum system) and removing all this functionality from
the quorum plugin the sync service engine it is currently located in.

The general idea is then that other service engines can access this
quorum service provider directly through the coroapi (much like
libtotempg is accessed today).

If I am unclear there, let me know and I'll try to rephrase it.


On Tue, 2008-10-07 at 15:18 +0100, Christine Caulfield wrote:
> This is an initial pass at a top-level quorum system. As it stands, this
> module doesn't provide quorum itself, merely a framework for setting and
> querying it. I envisage YKD plugging into this rather than straight into
> sync() eventually.
> I've plugged this into the sync() routines rather than replacing them so
> that quorum is itself a VSF, rather than a replacement - I'm not sure if
> that is best or not. Opinions are welcome.
> I've added an extra enum member to the service_handler so that we can
> send IPC messages when the cluster isn't quorate. This will default to
> NO (as now) but allows us to query and set quorum when we don't have it
> .. a useful feature !
> Any comments ?
> Chrissie
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