[Openais] SA_TIME_UNKNOWN does not work properly in conjunction with ais_time_str

Hegde, Ramesh (STSD) rameshh at hp.com
Wed Mar 21 23:15:13 PDT 2007

I am not able to print the correct value of the Event Time in case I set
the event time to SA_TIME_UNKNOWN. I use function ais_time_str to print
the event time.

The function always prints "Sat Jan 27 16:20:44 1990"
You can find this function in subscription.c test program. 
char *ais_time_str(SaTimeT time)
        time_t t;
        t = time / 1000000000ULL;
        strcpy(time_buf, ctime(&t));
        return time_buf;

Let me know if there is any changes required in this function?
Ramesh Hegde 

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