[Openais] A few Questions to OpenAIS

Patrick Schwarck P.Schwarck at gmx.de
Sat Apr 21 23:11:05 PDT 2007

Dear Mailing Group,

i would like to know several things about the usage or the experiences you
have with openAIS.
As i'm writing a thesis about HA Frameworks fitting to several requirements
of my
company i would like to know:

   * does the OpenAIS support the use of a status. What i mean with this,
that the frameworks supports the calculation of a status symbol (for example
a trafficlight)
and sending this status to some kind of client for showing up. If it is not
supported, where and/or
how could this be added as a module?

   * how many processes are startet/running on a host with openais?
How many processes are running on each node? (What das PS show you?`)
Are the Nodes the "only" binary and the  Interface just libraries?

* ...

Sorry, i had some more questions, but i just did fall asleep and cannot
remember what else it was.

thx in advance....

Patrick Schwarck
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