[Openais] [Fwd: Re: setting up a commit list for svn]

Steven Dake sdake at redhat.com
Thu Apr 20 11:58:51 PDT 2006

Thanks to Mark Haverkamp's hard work, we now have a commit list.  If you
join this list you will see every patch that is committed to the tree
along with change information, who committed, etc.  I'd invite all of
those with write access to join this list and any other interested

Notes From Mark:

The list is set up so that non-subscribers can post.  This way if
someone is not subscribed, their check in mail will still be seen.  This
probably opens us up for some spam.  If it becomes a problem, we can
make is subscriber only and I can approve any check in mail that comes
from non-subscribers.

Here is the link to subscribe to the list:


I did a minor test.  I updated some copyright data on testevt.c.

Here are the results in the openais-commits list:

Author: markh
Date: 2006-04-20 10:14:38 -0700 (Thu, 20 Apr 2006)
New Revision: 997

Updated copyright dates.

Modified: trunk/test/testevt.c
--- trunk/test/testevt.c        2006-04-19 20:39:25 UTC (rev 996)
+++ trunk/test/testevt.c        2006-04-20 17:14:38 UTC (rev 997)
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
- * Copyright (c) 2004 Mark Haverkamp
- * Copyright (c) 2004 Open Source Development Lab
+ * Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Mark Haverkamp
+ * Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Open Source Development Lab
  * All rights reserved.

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