[Openais] help of openais

peter sanshuimeng at yahoo.com.cn
Mon Apr 17 07:35:31 PDT 2006


I am viewing the source of openais .
Now,I meet the question about message send within openais .

step 1 : 
The client send the request to libais ,i.e message_handler_req_lib_amf_componentregister
step 2 :
message_handler_req_lib_amf_componentregister put the message into the queue through 
totempg_groups_mcast_joined .

step 3 :
my question is when the message will be sent to execais or other node active ? (not
passive,I saw some function of active_algo will be executed  if some condition
satisfiability  ) . which api ?  

Thanks a lot.
Best Regards.
peter meng



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