[Openais] scale-1 patch: scale to larger node sizes and add redundant ring initial support

Steven Dake sdake at redhat.com
Thu Apr 6 18:09:18 PDT 2006


This is the first of many patches to scale to larger ring sizes and also
add support for redundant ring.

This patch helps both by making messages that are sent containing
anything that was previously had a PROCESSOR_COUNT_MAX variable dynamic.
This for example allows the commit token to scale from 100 bytes for
small ring sizes up to 60k bytes for larger ring sizes.  This also
changes the memb_join message for the same result.

I intend in a later patch to add a ring count which can be used to
specify how many redundant rings are available for communication.

The eventual intent is to entirely rid the code of PROCESSOR_COUNT_MAX
and make it a configuration parameter in the config file.


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