[Openais] Re: Future Scope of open AIS

Steven Dake sdake at redhat.com
Wed Apr 5 22:03:34 PDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 19:17 +0800, Murthy E-G19462 wrote:
>  Hi Steve & All,
> I would like to know what is the future vision of open AIS group?
> Implementations for B.02 specifications Like, IMMS, SAF logging,
> Notifications etc, are part of the groups agenda? 
> OepnAIS provides implementations for all SAF AIS group specifications
> Or only selected ones?

My view of the openais mission is to "provide a standards based cluster
framework".  This "cluster framework" is a collection of run-time
loadable building blocks including but not limited to SAF AIS apis.
Other contributors may have other ideas about our mission, which is why,
rather then making mission statements, I prefer to let people develop
whichever services or infrastructure interest them.

We support this vision with an architecture that is heading towards
completely componentized architecture.  At this point our configuration
parser, configuration object database, and all services are dynamically
loadable components which, in the future, can be replaced (in the case
of faulty programming) without interrupting service.

We also support this vision with a generic set of infrastructure
building blocks such as IPC, timers, live replaceable components, an
object database, a O(1) handle to instance database, lists, service
logging/tracing, and a solid group communication protocol implementation
which provides extended virtual synchrony with a YKD dynamic linear
voting virtual synchrony filter.  The protocol also supports encryption
and authentication of messages and jumbo frames (gig-e).

Our main focus for the next release (Wilson) is scalability, redundant
network communication channels, SAF B.02.01 CLM, EVT, CKPT, MSG, DLCK,
AMF.  We also intend to provide production EVS and CPG services.

IMMS, SAF logging, notifications, and other unpublished saf services
will be addressed in a future revision of openais (Humphrey 2.0).

If some company needs to accelerate the development of any services for
their internal needs, or want IMMS, SAF logging, or notification
services, they are free to develop them in whatever timeframe they wish.
I would hope they would contribute those services back into the openais
standards based cluster framework.  I am not opposed to adding these
features to Wilson if someone develops them before we release Wilson

Perhaps Motorola would be interested in such development ;).


> Regards
> Murthy 

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